Introduction: Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo! (Rubber Charismas Toy)

This guide will show you how to make your very own mr. hankey the christmas poo!

This knick-knack uses the ol corn starch and 100% sillicon trick for making rubbery stuff, but instead of cornstarch, using coco powder to give it a nice emanating chocolaty smell

it doesn't take too long to make, the longest part is kneading the powder and silicon together, than after it comes together in 5 minutes, + the 3 minutes it takes to make a hat.


brown 100% silicone

coco powder

old unused USB cord

heat moldable plastic or white polymer clay and super glue

googly eyes

red & white felt and a white fluff ball

a stick

Step 1: Eyes

Since this trick only works with 100% silicone

and silicone sucks at sticking to stuff

I just put the eyes in first

using heat moldable plastic to make a connecter for the eyes to imbed in the poo

heat moldable plastic is stronger and a better at adhesion, especially on plastics where the polymers can tangle, something your bundle of glue sticks cant!, if you don't got some of this on hand right now, you will be able to get this stuff right at checkout in every store in a few years, because this how plastic should of been from the get go!

Step 2: Eyes

The trick is to make a shape than can't be pulled out of the rubber

like a loop.

Step 3: Arms

I used the old Xbox controller charging cord cause it has a nice black rubber insulation.

Step 4: Mixing the Rubber

I use a box to mix it in so I can just burn it and not have to worry about the mess

I add the coco powder first than the brown silicon, its nice to have rubber gloves so you don't get this shit on your figures

Step 5: Knead the Ball

work in coco till it aint tacky anymore

Step 6: Get Everything Together

you only got a limited amount of working time

it goes quick from here

Step 7: Sculpting

Fortunately even the worst sculpters are good at sculpting shit!

hear are some hints for sculpting :3

  • give it 2 long twists, to give it those 3 bulges familiar to mr. hanky
  • long swirly vertical grooves that run the length of it, indicating the path it took to get out
  • pinch out a bit than round if off to create bulges
  • random indents all over the place
  • if you have corn or nuts on hand you can put them in now.

the stick is nice for holding it up so the back doesn't get flattened
and gives you a way to mount it after, or if not, it pulls out easily because silicone doesn't stick to anything. and when you are done sculpting you can hang it it upside down, to give it a natural extrusion shape, while it cures.

Step 8: Hands

I use heat moldable plastic

you could also use polymer clay and glue them on after.

Step 9: Hat

you allready know how make this

Step 10: Finished!

you can pin in the hat if doest stay or to keep the fold down.