Introduction: Mudkip Loom Charm

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So I heard you like mudkips >.>

Okay, so this is my first tut. Please do forgive any weird images since I had to use my phone to take them.

Anyway, long story short. LETS START~!!


One of my bands broke, you will see this later down, I still continued and just tucked the band in.

You will have multiple bands on 2 of your pegs, please do be careful since the bands will break.

Step 1: Step 1 - What You Will Need

Now for this charm you are going to need.

  • Multiple Dark Blue Bands
  • Multiple Light Blues Bands
  • Multiple Orange Bands
  • 2 Black Bands
  • 1 Loom Board
  • 1 Hook [Metal is better but I use plastic]

Step 2: Step 2 - the Blue Base

Now to start the fun part. Please remember to use two bands each time unless stated otherwise.


  • Taking 2 bands place them on the top of your loom, the first 2 pegs
  • Taking another 2 you will then place them on the 2nd center peg and the 2nd right peg
  • Doing this again you will then place another 2 from the 2nd center peg to the 2nd left peg
  • Make sure to continue going down once on each line


  • You are now going to take 2 light blue bands and go down on each peg, like the images
  • We are now going to take 2 bands and go right from the center
  • Now take 2 bands and go left from the last center, finishing off the shape.


  • Now take 1 band and wrap it around your hook 4 times before putting it on the last peg as shown

Step 3: Step 3 - the Orange Sides

Now this is where it gets hard. You are going to have a lot of band on the pegs so be ready.

  • Now first take 2 orange bands and wrap them around your hook 3 times
  • Take 2 bands and put the another 2 wrapped ones onto it [Like shown in image]
  • You are now going to do this one more time, moving it onto another 2 orange bands
  • Taking the top 2 lops add this onto your board on either left or right side
  • You are going do do this another 2 times, adding them all onto the same peg
  • You should now have 3 of the orange things on the 1 peg
  • Doing the same thing on the other side you should have a total of 6 orange things

Step 4: Step 4 - They Eyes & Hooking

Back to the easy stuff

  • Taking a black band wrap it around your hook 4 times
  • Do it again so you should have 2 black bands [Try to keep them a part]
  • Taking a DARK blue band slide the eyes onto the band
  • Now place this on the board [Where the orange things are]
  • Now take the top band of the eyes and hook it onto the peg above it [Shown above]


[Again, please be careful, this does get uber hard since some of the pegs have a heap of bands and I don't want you to break any bands <3]

  • Start from the bottom and hook up, sides then center
  • Hook up to the 2nd center peg and start on the sides
  • Finish off the sides and attach them to the center [AGAIN BE CAREFUL PLEASE, you can see I broke one of my bands]
  • Now the top 2 bands are your finishing bands, so hook that up and slip knot it [If you don't know how to slip knot I would google it]

Step 5: Completed

You are now finished. I personally tucked in my broken band so you can't tell it even broke but this is up to you.

Thank you so much for doing this and please do comment to let me see how you did <3

I may try do other pokemon heads, please just ask <3