Introduction: Multi-Purpose Cardboard Platform

Ever wonder where recycling meets a multi-functional canvas? Using an old cable spool and some shipping tubes it's time to make a DIY studio production apple box (cylinder, stool, thing). Cardboard is a great material to work with, it's cheap and relatively easy to find when you need it. By using it for this project means that the cost stays down and whatever we make is available for all the artwork and creativity we can fit.

Step 1: Getting Ready


• Scissors

• Utility Knife

• Tape Measure

• Spray Glue

• Hot Glue Gun

• Elmer's School Glue

• Sharpies

• Miter Saw (Optional)

• Impact Driver

• 3/8" Hex Shank Nut Driver


• Cable Spool

• Cardboard Mailing Tubes

• 1/8" Cardboard Sheets (Old Boxes)

• Felt

Step 2: Making It

1) Take out the four bolts holding the spool together.

2) Trace the inner and outer diameter of the larger tube on to the cardboard, three for each size.

3) Hot glue in two of the smaller disks and measure the inside height if the spool tube. Be sure to account for the thickness of the cardboard disks when cutting the mailing tubes to length. We want all three inner disks and the small tubes to be the same length as the spool tube.

4) Glue the larger disks to the outside, one on the bottom and two on the top.

5) Cut two strips of paper 3 inches wide (long enough to wrap around the spool) fold them in half and make relief cuts on one edge about every 1.5 inches.

6) Either use hot glue or Elmer's to wrap around the edge banding to both ends of the tube.

7) Trace and cut out the tube onto the felt, finally use spray glue to attach the felt to the bottom.

Step 3: Let's Decorate!

In my opinion, doodling is the best part, so unleash your creativity and draw till your hearts content

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