Introduction: Multi-colored Linocut

In school, we made prints using lino. But the results were only single-colored, because we only used one linocut. At home, I decided to make a multi-colored one and that´s the result!

I´m learning English as a foreign language, so if I have written something wrong, please tell me, so I can improve.


  • Lino block
  • Linoprint ink
  • Roller
  • Linocut carving tools
  • Pencil
  • Carbon paper
  • A photo

Step 1: Choose a Photo and Colors

The photo should not have too many details. I used a photo editing program to reduce the picture to four shades of black and white. Print it out in the size you want your print to have and mark the areas in your picture that you want to have the same color.

Step 2: Transfer the Picture to Your Lino Blocks

Tape the picture to your lino block. Do this on two sides, as shown in the picture, so you can still slide your carbon paper under the picture. Use your carbon paper to transfer the picture onto the lino block. Don´t forget to transfer the outer edges (Picture 1). Don´t transfer the hole picture, but only the parts that should be printed in the same color. Repeat this step with the remaining colors. As you can also see in picture 1 I used one big lino block. We will cut it in smaller pieces later in this instructable.

Step 3: Carving

Cut the big block in smaller pieces. For this reason we drew the outer edges onto the lino. Use your linocut carving tools to carve out everything that should not be printed. Everything that remains will be printed.

Step 4: Printing

Determine which color has to be printed first. In my example the lantern was the last thing I printed, because its printed upon the other colors. Put a small amount of ink (Use the color that has to be printed at the beginning) on a piece of foil. Roll your roller through the ink. It should be completely covered. Roll it over your lino. Everything that should be printed has to be covered with ink. Press the lino block on a sheet of paper and remove the block after that. Let the ink dry. Repeat these steps with the other colors in the order you determined before. Print everything at the exact same place on your sheet of paper.

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