Introduction: Multi-use Earphones Organiser

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Earphones can be really messy. Everybody spends a lot of time untangling their earphones. Plus, many people want to watch a video with their earphones plugged in. Then they rest their phones on a stack of books (something which I used to do...), or a cup, or boxes and what not... To overcome this, I have got a life hack. In this Instructable, I am going to show you how to make an earphone organiser + a mobile phone stand (which you can use in both portrait and landscape orientation). So, lets start....

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Earphones (Obviously!)

2. A Small Metal Rod

3. Some Cable Ties

4. Adhesive Tape

5. Double Sided Tape

6. Heat Shrink

Step 2: The Metal Rod

I had this metal rod lying around, which is about 6cm long. You can take any metal rod you find of this length. Then bend this rod within the centre at an angle of about 150 degrees. Then apply heat shrink on the rod (Just to enhance the looks).

Step 3: Fastening the Rod

Ok. So, this step is the most important and is a bit difficult. Take the metal rod, hold it near the earphones like shown in img. 1. Then take a couple of cable ties and tightly fasten the rod to the earphones.(The easier way is to first make two very small rings of cable ties and then fastening them.) To finish off, cut the excess cable ties.

Step 4: Last Touches

Secure the rod joint with some adhesive tape as shown in the picture. Then, add a ring of double sided tape at the end of the rod (again, as shown in the picture). This will help the mobile stand in place when using this as a stand; and it wont let the earphones wound around the rod uncoil.

That's it!!

Ready to go!

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