MultiFruit Snowbowl

Introduction: MultiFruit Snowbowl

  • In this frozen treat, i tried to make the texture of the ice as nice as possible.
  • I tried it many times and the ice melted very quickly, but at last i got the perfect snow.
  • The fruit syrup is very easy to make.
  • If you make it you can serve it in any bowl.

In this recipe i am going to tell you how to make a refreshing summer multifruit snowbowl, with a few tips so you can get the best results.



Fruits of your choice [ which can be made to pulp ]


Step 1: Making Ice

pour drinking water in any container and place in deep fridge.

Use amount of water depending on how much quantity you want.

Tip: Do not keep the water in the fridge for long. As soon as it turns into ice take it out.

Step 2: Making Fruit Syrup

Take any fruit which you want. Ex: lemon,cherry,strawberry,orange,mango,etc.

Take the pulp out, squeeze it and mix it it with a little bit of water.

After you make the fruit syrup. pour it in a cup or any container.

Tip: Place the fruit syrup in the fridge just to make it cold, so when you pour the syrup on the snow the snow does not melt too much.

Step 3: Making Snow

Take the ice from the fridge, make it into small pieces and grind it.

Tip: Do not grind it for long as it will melt and will not be good.

Step 4: Getting Snow Ready

Pour the snow in a serving bowl.

After it is filled, pour your fruit syrup over the snow.

Step 5: And That Is It! Your MultiFruit SnowBowl Is Ready

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    Question 2 years ago

    How did the fruit syrup stay away from each other and not mix together. How did you do that? This is an amazing project!!


    Answer 2 years ago

    Thanks for appreciating my project.
    The syrup stays away from each other because it moves slowly in the ice,
    and as you can see in the image they only got mixed a little at the border.