Introduction: Multicolored Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a fantastic way to both wear fashionable, handmade jewelry and and outwardly display your friendship to the world! Making and giving a friendship bracelet to your friend is the perfect expression of how much you care for them. You can even make bracelets for each other! Friendship bracelets can be created in any number of colors and designs. These colors or designs may represent different aspects of your friendships or memories that you have together. In this Instructable, I will explore the creation of just one type of friendship bracelet, but once you master this design, there is a world of unique and more challenging opportunities! Nothing says "Be my friend" like a nice friendship bracelet!

I hope that this Instructable is useful and helps many people to enhance their friendships and look cool!

Step 1: Purchase Supplies

To create a friendship bracelet, the first step is to purchase the required supplies. Each of these materials should be available for purchase at a craft store or supermarket. If you are unable to find them at a physical store, online sites like Amazon ( certainly carry the required supplies. To make this type of friendship bracelet, the required supplies include:

  • String (at least two colors, 4 ft of each color)
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Step 2: Cut String

Choose the colors of string that you would like to make the friendship bracelet with. Cut approximately 4 ft of string in each color. You may want to use slightly more string if your friend has large wrists.

Step 3: Fold and Tie

Fold the string in half, leaving a small loop at the top. Take the loop in your hands and tie a small knot around itself. You should leave about an inch of extra string that can be used to tie the bracelet around your friend when you are done. This knot can be of any type, but a simple shoe-knot will suffice. Once you have tied the knot, use a piece of tape to hold the string down to the table or work surface so that it doesn't move throughout the construction.

Step 4: Begin to Loop Colors

Choose one of your colors to begin the bracelet. Pick one of the two strings for this color and move it to the left side of the table. Pull it around the back (under) the other three strings, leaving a small loop on the left side. After pulling the string under the three strings, pull it through the loop and tighten. Repeat this process with the first string 8-10 times.

Step 5: Switch Colors

After the first 8-10 loops, pull one of the strings of the other color to the left side of the table. Repeat the same process 8-10 times. Once this has been completed, repeat the process again, but with the longer string of the original color. This should be continued, alternating between colors, until you reach the end of the string (with about 1 inch left for tying.

Step 6: Tie the End

Once you have reached the end the string, use the extra inch left and tie a knot around itself. This should be the same kind of knot used in the beginning of the process. Once this knot is tied, remove the tape from the string.

Step 7: Find Your Friend

You have now finished making a friendship bracelet. Now all that's left is to find your friend and tie it on their wrist. This can be done with any kind of knot and should not be tied too tightly, as to cut off your friend's circulation.

Now that you're done, I hope that this has been helpful in your creation of a friendship bracelet. I have found this to be a very fun and relaxing activity and plan to continue making bracelets for my friends in the future. Enjoy and thank you for reading!