Multifunctional Table and Chair for Kids




Introduction: Multifunctional Table and Chair for Kids

I wanted to buy a beautiful table for my daughter, but could not find any interesting one. So I decided to make one myself.

Below are the materials that I have used:

1 sheet 3/4" plywood



wood filler

wood glue


Electronic keyboard piano

antenna (in case there is bad reception for the built-in radio in the piano)






2 plastic cups

Drawer knob (i have used a figurine)

2 invisible hinges

Basic tools required:

Jig saw


other tools like sanders, router, planner can make life a lot easier ;)

Step 1: Make a Sketch of Want You Want to Build

The best way to start a new project like this is to draw a picture of what you want to built. If you do not have any idea in mind, go for a theme; this makes it a lot easier. You may also want to use some carton board to cut pieces of the design so as not to waste your plywood sheets and cut the plywood right the first time itself. I wanted to make a design with curves and I came up with this one.

Step 2: Cutting the Design

Once you have your design, draw the pieces you require on the plywood and start cutting. I personally prefer to use Plywood to mdf as plywood is more durable. (though mdf has a flat and flawless surface).

Step 3: Assembling the Pieces Together

I have used wood glue and screws to assemble the pieces in place. I prefer to use reisser screws as it eliminates the need to drill before adding the screws. It reduces splits in the wood and goes in a lot easier.

Step 4: Prepare the Table and Chair for Painting

I have sanded all the plywood ends round. If you have a router, then this process can be done a lot easier. I do not have one so, I have used sanding papers and did that manually. Sharp plywood ends can be more injurious than round ends if someone bumps onto it. So it is better to make the furniture the safest possible for kids.

After this was done, I filled all imperfections with wood filler and sanded the furniture's surface smooth.

Step 5: Painting

For the painting part, I have:

1. Added a layer of sealer on the furniture to seal it. Plywood emits gases and hence it is good to seal the material well for your kids health.

2. Sanded and added a layer of primer.

3. Sanded and added a layer of paint.

4. Added a layer of varnish. The varnish make the furniture more durable and easier for cleaning.

Note: If you are using lacquer paints, do not forget to leave your furniture in a well ventilated area for at least 1 month before putting it in your kids room.

Step 6: Add the Accessories

After the paints dried well, I have added the accessories.

- Fixed the clock.

- The mirror

- For the drawer knob I have used a small figurine which I had got as a free gift in the cereal box. I have used 2 screws to fixed it in place.

- The piano was a bit longer, hence had to cut both ends. Also, there was a built-in radio in the electric keyboard which had very bad reception problem, so I decided to add an antenna at the back of the table to improve it.

- For the chair, I have added a piece of sponge and covered it with a cloth. I have used small nails and glue to keep the cloth in place and then I hid the nails by gluing another piece of decorative piece of cloth on it.

Hope this was helpful to you and if you like it don't forget to vote for me ;)

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Vote for this one as well if you like it.

Thank you ;)

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