Introduction: Mumbai Special Batata Wada

Wada Pav is a very famous snack in Mumbai India. Batata means potato, wada that is patty which is made from potato, hence name Batata Wada. Pav is bread, round bread. Usually Wada is eaten with bread. but I like eating wada without bread, so that I can enjoy the spicy taste of it.

Step 1: Making Filling of Wada

For making 10/12 wadas
-take 4/5 boiled potatoes.
peal them and mash them.
-take 6 chillies, 4/5 garlic cloves and a very small piece of ginger. and roughly grind them.
-in a small tadka pan take 2 tbsp oil, once it is heated add mustard seeds, after they pop add a pinch of asafetida and quarter tsp turmaric powder and 10/12 fenugreek seeds (don't add more) . and add above paste to it. (adding chilli paste to heated oil can create strong sneezing flavor, so if u can't take it instead of putting paste in hot oil mixture, put that oil into paste)
-this frying reduces spiciness of chillies. we just need to put the paste stir it once and turn off gas. we don't need to fry it more.
-add this paste to mashed potatoes.
-add chopped coriander to mixture
-add salt to taste
-mix well
-make patties of the mixture as shown
(you can always taste the filling, I always do that, my dad tasted it and forced me to add two chillies extra to the mixture, we like it more spicy..)

Step 2: Making Batter and Frying

for batter
-take 6 heapfull tbsp of gram flour add to it salt to taste, pinch of soda and quarter tsp turmeric powder.
-add water to it to make batter.
we don't want running batter, consistency should be like that of cakes batter.
-now dip patty into this batter and deep fry it. (it is a messy work, I didn't get any help so I couldn't click the pics of this process. I was cook and I was photographer at the same time)
-fry them till they turn light golden in color.
-batata wada is ready
you can enjoy it with coconut chutney or have it with chutney and bread or as it is. I am sure you will love this snack.

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