Introduction: Munchkin Card Holders

As part of the Fandom Contest, we decided to create card holders/dispensers for our favorite game... Munchkin! Munchkin is a card-based role-playing game that mixes traditional RPG elements with some truly great humor. As avid players, we wanted to create something that would be both functional and would really bring the game to life when we play. While Munchkin may not be everyone's cup of tea, hopefully this Instructable will present ideas for others who want to add some pizzazz to their favorite games.

Step 1: Step 1: Schematics

As with any great project, this started with some basic ideas and schematics. It also helps if you have a friend with some artistic ability. Just included these so everyone could get an understanding of our thought process here.

Step 2: Step 2: Materials

For this particular project we used the following materials:


  1. Solid Cardboard Boxes
  2. Aluminum Foil (Base for the paper-mache)
Paper Mache:
  1. Strips of newspaper
  2. Glue
  3. Water
  1. Paint
  2. Clay
  3. Pre-made decorative objects (a chest for this project)
  4. Recordable greeting card

Step 3: Step 3: Creating the Structures

We began by creating the basic structure for both card holders. One could cut up the cardboard to resize the boxes as necessary, but we found it easier (and more aesthetically pleasing) to just use the boxes without modifying them.

For the door shape holder, we utilized the cardboard box and cut the lid to create the door. Then, we simply attached this by gluing it on with small hinges. We also cut a hole in the back to allow one to draw a card without the other players seeing the card being drawn. To make the creation more interesting, we wanted the cards to move when the door opened. We used the leftover cardboard from creating the door to craft a small holder that would lift the cards when the door is opened via a chain (this can be seen in later pictures).

For the treasure pile holder, we formed the basic structure with a cardboard box that was then covered in paper-mache.

Step 4: Step 4: Paper Mache

The treasure pile holder was decorated using paper mache. We found many different ratios online for making paper mache, but eventually ended up simply eyeballing a mixture of glue and water. Applying strips of newspaper, we covered the aluminum foil and gave it a bit of crinkly appearance to resemble a treasure pile.

Pro-tip: if using plastic to cover a table like us, make sure that the glue mixture won't just run off the edge of the table!

Step 5: Step 5: Decorating

Finally, the decorating phase included adding paint, a doorknob, and the clay creations (including the duck of doom!).

Step 6: Step 6: Adding Sound

After we finished decorating the door, we decided we wanted to add something extra. We found a voice recordable birthday card and recorded the sound of a squeaky wooden door over it. Next, we cut the card up and attached it to the door so it plays the recorded noise every time the door is opened.

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