Introduction: Munchkin Level Counter

With my daughter we play munchkin...but keep a track of the level is a little bit hard with dice/button, etc...

I made some research on internet and find some items... and as she found it wonderfull, we did this together

Step 1: What You Need !

1 old CD rom

2 old calendar (the one you can get from your bank), thin (if possible) and slick

1 sharp knife (or a cutter)

1 pen

1 compass

1 ruler

Step 2: Draw, Cut, Draw, Cut, Draw...repeat :)

Draw twice, cut once !

You need to draw 3 discs on your calendar, 1 the size of your cdrom, 2 a little bit wider

(my calendar are not wide enough, so i had to use 2...maybe you will be able to use only one)

Draw in a corner a circle around your cdrom a little bit bigger than your cd (normal cd are 12cm diameter...i draw a 13.5 cm one), draw the circle in the middle (where you put your finger to take the cdrom)

Draw the exact same circle on the opposite corner

Cut those 2 circles and KEEP THE CORNER ! (it will be used to put your thumb when spinning the inner disc)

Draw a circle the size of your cd rom and draw the circle in the middle

Draw 4 or 5 "middle circle" where you can (use the part you will not use) and cut them (don't be afraid to cut them a little bit less than necessary, see the next step to understand)

You know have :

2 sides (the circle with the corner)

1 inner disc (the one which gonna spin)

4/5 middle circle

Step 3: Stack to Allow the Inner Circle to Spin

All these steps can be replaced if you have a "attache parisienne"...

Now you have your smalls "middle circle", scar them with your sharp blade/knife so the glue will be more effective.(see pict1)

And glue them at the middle of one of your side circle (with the corner) where you draw the circle

Stack all your "middle circle" to allow the inner circle to spin around (that's why I tell you to make them a little bit less than drawn)

Cut a shape in the 2 sides circle (at the opposite of your corner): this will be the part where you will drag the inner circle to make it spin

Step 4: The Inner Disc

Ok, a little bit of maths now.

You have a disc, 12cm diameter (so 6 cm radius) that you need to divide in 10 parts (for each one of your level for the munchkin game... 20 parts if you want to do "epic munchkin")

I have made the maths for you :

circumference = 2 * pi * radius

you want to cut this circumference in 10 parts :

2*3.14*6/10 = 3.77 <= if you want 20 parts change the 10 by 20, if your circle is not the size of a cdrom, change the 6

So, if, like me, you draw your inner disc the size of a cdrom, you have to draw a mark at every 3.77 cm

Draw a circle on a clear paper A4 the size of your inner circle (6cm/cdrom)

For all the steps below, draw carrefully, don't put too much pressure on your pen, it's only to get a template

On the 2nd image you can see 1,2,3,4... connect the left 1 with the right 4, the 2 left with the 3 right and so on.

Draw 3 circles : 3cm radius, 4cm radius and 5cm radius

3 and 5 are the very limit not to be touch, 4 is your "line" to write

Write your number in that space ANTI CLOCKWISE (because when you spin, you will spin that way, believe me ;) )

Glue this paper disc on your inner disc (to get a nice inner disc, with no date/birthday, etc on it)

Step 5: Put Them Together

Cut a V shape hole in the top side (the one with nothing glued to it) to display the number (with a 3 cm radius/5 cm radius and 2 "vertical" lines)

Put the side disc with the stack of "middle circle" at the bottom

Put your inner disc with the drawn numbers

Glue the last big disc on top

Add image as you wish