Introduction: Muppet Halloween Costume

This year we decided to do a unique couples costume that was super fun to create.

Step 1: The Base

The base of the costume is made from a flower pot that we cut the bottom off, turned upside down and stretched black t-shirt over to cover the hole and have our heads come out.

Step 2: Making the Chairs

We used foam from the backs of chairs, covered them with red satin and trimmed the edges in a gold glitter ribbon. We covered the base of the pot with foam piping and covered them in glitter.

Step 3: Making the Heads

The muppets are made entirely from foam, felt, faux fur and hot glue. We cut the heads to scale and covered them in felt. For the eyes we used plastic spoons for the white part and felt for the pupils. Faux fur was used for the hair.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

We attached the head to a junior sized jacket that went around our heads so you can’t see us when we’re in pictures but we were able to see and function throughout the night. We stuffed the arms of the jackets and made hands from felt and stuffed those as well to make realistic muppet hands. The muppets are not glued to the flower pot so its easy to store and travel with.