Introduction: Murky Glowing Nuka Cola Quantum

As a fan of the Fallout Series I looked for some memoribilia I can call my own but nothing I found on the internet was really sadisfying. You could see the wires or these nasty lightcones LED make, nothing looked like a really glowing beverage. Long story short, you are going to need:

-1 Glass bottle

- 15cm CCFL Light with electronics. You only need the fragile glass tube inside these Lights.

-1 Piece of acrylic tube and some scrap for a plug and a Base

- Diamond tipped core drill for Glass

- Small amount epoxy putty

- Some Hard foam and for the base

- Labeling:

For the liquid:

- UV Active Paint blue/red (the more you use the less clear it will be)

- Food colouring blue/red (combine it to give it this purplisch glow)

- A pack of Methylcellulose or wallpaperglue (will make it thick so the pigments you mix in wont settle on the ground)

-Mouth wash (so it wont turn moldy)

Step 1: Enjoy a Soda!

Look for a nice bottle open it gently and empty it.
Keep the Bottlecap.

Step 2: Clean It Up Like 2077

Remove the label and glue with warm water, soap and a sponge.

Step 3: Drillin

Get yourself one of these (Diamond Tipped Core Drill) and cut a centered hole in the bottom of the Bottle. At this step alone I broke like 3 bottles so work precise. Some water helps to cool the tip and avoids glassdust in the air.

Step 4: Inner Workings

Get yourself a acrylic pipe that reaches 2/3s in the bottle (or re-use the pipe from the CCFL)and plug it with some transparend Material at one side. At the other side we will glue a piece of scrap-acrylic as a base to prevent leaking.

Step 5: Insertion

Insert the pipe/plug/stopper-assembly in the bottle and glue it in place. I used some 2-component epoxy putty to hold everything in place and bridge the gap between the acrylic and the glass.

Step 6: Wirering

Insert the coldcathodelight in the assembly and do a testrun.

Step 7: Get the Right Mix

Depending on how murky you want the fluid to be start experimenting with the colour proportions. As you see here, one got a little to dark, one a little to clear. Its is important to let the methylcellulose settle over night after every mix so the bubbles don't distort the final look. DONT forget to add a bit of mouthwash!

Step 8: Dekoration and Fill-up

Make some nice caps, a label and a nice stand where you can hide all the wires and the transformer. Pour your final mix to the top in the bottle and let it settle over night. Put some epoxyputty on the inside of the Cap and press it on. Let it harden AAAAAND Ready!

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