Introduction: Mushroom Pastasotto, Risotto Style Cooking of Pasta

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Pastasotto is a fairly unknown way to cook pasta.

Usually you put your pasta in boiling water, cooking them for a while and then mixing it with the sauce you have prepared aside.

What if you actually cook your pasta in the sauce?

That's pasatasotto, a remix of the well-known risotto.

What will pastasotto change to the traditional flavour of pasta? As they are cooked only with a small amount of bouillon, the pasta will have a melting texture while presenting new flavours due to the roasting phase.

What you will need for this recipe:

  • Pasta (about 400gr of dry pasta for 4 people. I used macaroni) --> best is to make your own. I'tables has a class for that
  • Mushrooms (what ever the type, about 500gr)
  • Parsley(at your will)
  • Shallot (or onions if you prefer)
  • stock cube (or fresh stock if you have it, chicken or beef at your taste)
  • cream (20cl, liquid)
  • Parmesan cheese(at your will)
  • water (about 1l)
  • Olive oil

You can also add white wine if you like it. We don't as we have kids so I will make this one without alcohol.

Let's cook those pasta an original way!

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Step 1: Start the Pastasotto

First gather all ingredients.

Ready, Go!

Cut your shallots in small pieces.

Put oil into your (big) pan and cook slightly your shallots without burning or roasting it.

Once you are satisfied with your shallots, add the raw pasta in the pan and roast it for a while. Take care not to burn it. This step is important as it is one that adds something new compared to the traditional cooking of pasta. Having roasted pasta will enhance the flavours.

While roasting your pasta, in a jar, add a stock cube to one litre of boiling water. Dissolve the cube and keep the jar close to the pan.

Step 2: Risotto Style Cooking

Once your pasta are roasted, add a ladle of bouillon and stir. Stir all the time as your are starting the risotto style cooking and if this is much easier than with rice, one should not leave it unattended.

Add regularly more bouillon as your mix shouldn't completely dry. Stir stir stir. Don't add too much bouillon to keep the cooking "risotto style".

While cooking the pasta, chop your mushrooms and parsley in small parts.

When you have poured about half a litre of bouillon, add your sliced mushrooms into your pan and continue to cook your pasta as previously.

Your pasta will be cooked when... al dente ;-) Taste it often to manage the cooking level you like.

Step 3: Finishing the Pastasotto - Grazie Mille!

Just a few minutes before serving, add the cream and the parmesan cheese.

Allow some time for the whole ingredients to exchange aromas.

Pour the pastasotto into a large bowl and decorate it with sliced and complete leaf parsley.

Serve hot. Enjoy!

This kind of coking add a lot of tastes and flavours to the pasta while not taking much more time. It is particularly appreciated by kids.

Thanks for reading!

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