Introduction: Mustang GT500 Supersnake Shelby Papercraft

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Hello everyone!
Its Aryan Shastri here, presenting a Papercraft model of Mustang GT500. I found this impressive design muscle car having absolutely amazing aerodynamic structure on Google. So I decided to make a 3D model and bring it on. Finally I got it printed and then put them together.
I have included the photos of the finished model here. You can check out the complete procedure here!

Step 1: Make the 3D Model (if You Can't, Skip to the Next Step)

Make a 3D model by taking reference of the car. A reference here can be an image of the car. You can use any of the 3D modelling software.

Step 2: Unfold the Model (or Download From

Unfold the 3D model using Pepakura or similar software. Or you can directly download it

Step 3: Executing the Plan ;)

Print the file, cut the corresponding parts. Paste them together.

Check out this video to watch how I did built it.

(Note: For best experience Paste parts of one page at once and then proceed for cutting another page.)

Step 4: Enjoy!

Show off to your friends or share a photo of you with your DIY model at

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