My Cardboard Pen Holder

Introduction: My Cardboard Pen Holder

How I Made This

What I did in this process to make this pen holder only needs four things. A hot glue gun, pens, a piece of fabric to hold it, and of course cardboard. This first step is to cut a 6’’by 7’’inch piece of cardboard. The second step is to take a pen and place it on the cardboard piece and put a thin layer of hot glue over a small part of the pen. Once this dries completely, take the pen slowly out leaving the hardened glue as a holder for one of the pens. Do this same cycle another three times. when that gets completed you can paint or decorate the cardboard and the glue. If you choose to do decorate, wait until it is fully dry to do the final steps. After that, cut a thin piece of fabric of your choice and take the cardboard that has the pen holders made out of glue and curl it until it looks like an empty toilet paper roll. Finally, use a piece of fabric and tie it around the tube. That’s how you make this color for cardboard pen holder.

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