Introduction: My Custom Duct Tape Wallet

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I spent a few days working on this wallet; planning and gathering materials. The original plan was changed because I was running out of Duct Tape and it would have been to large. I am happy with how it turned out.

Velcro is a great idea for coin pockets, instead of a button that can let the valuables fall out. I used hot glue and compressed it under the books, it works great!

The flashlight was a very slim one. I was planning to leave a whole in the side or bottom of the wallet so the bulb can shine through. It would have been removable to replace the battery. I decided not to use it only because of space and how little I would use it.

Just a few ideas that you might want to include in your own wallet! I used the guide I made, Duct Tape Wallets for ideas and guides. Hope you enjoy making your wallet as much as I did!.

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