Introduction: My Dream House (scene)

One day I was thinking about what I wanted my house to look like when I grew up.It was really hard to remember every thing so I just decided to draw it.I really hadn't expected it to look very good, but it turned out great!!About two months later I saw this contest on instructables and I thought "if I can get that $100 gift card my brother wouldn't be able to criticize me," so I tried it.

To me it looks really good. I hope the judges can look at it the same way.


All you need for this is a tinkercad account.

Step 1: Make the Basic Shape

For the first step, you just have to make the basic shape of the house plus the roof.

To make the shape for my house I just used a cube, made a hole in it and made another hole for the roof. The roof that I made is 7 degrees. To make the roof i just got a cube, made it thin and changed the degrees.

Step 2: Add Windows

For the windows, you just have to make the frames and the actual glass.

For the frames, I just used cubes and put holes where I wanted the glass to be. For the actual glass, I just put transparent cubes where I wanted the actual glass to be.

Step 3: Add Accessories

For this step, just add all the accessories that you have in mind for your dream house.

The accessories that I added were stairs to the porch; two porches; a tv; a couch; and a massage chair.

Step 4: Add a Floor

For step four, you just need to add a type of floor that you want.

For my floor, I just put grass and concrete. I just used cubes and made them flat.

Step 5: Your Done!!!

Now you can see your dream house both mentally, and digitally.

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