Introduction: My Laser-cut Ray-Gun Assembling Instructions

With apologies for the delay, here's my long overdue Instructions on how to assemble the Laser Pointer Ray-Gun, you can buy the Vector drawing plans, to have it made...
On a CNC Laser-Cutter!

This is how it looks like, on Salmon translucent Acrylic, but the Photos of making it are, well, of translucent parts, that may confuse you, to the point of not knowing what-goes-where...
So the Photos will be of the far less glamorous, but more visible, MDF version.

Newsflash! You can buy the Ray-Gun's T-Shirt, too, now!

Step 1: The Piece Set

Start by having all the pieces handy, disposed on an orderly fashion, like this, so you won't mess up...
Have a Rubber Band there, too, that will be the Spring for the Trigger.

Step 2: The Muzzle, First Step

The top piece, is part 12, because the side parts are arranged like the Hours on a Clock's face, 1 to 12.
Connect it to the front round part, those are arranged from A to F, front to back.
You start, then, by connecting part A to part 12.

Step 3: All Done, There

So all A to F parts are connected to the 12 part, be VERY careful all all 6 round parts are placed neat and upright, so there won't be any errors...

Step 4: Now, for the Other Side Parts...

See the thing the right way up, now for the other 3 cardinal point parts, 3, 6, and 9.

Step 5: These Set All the Others

These are the most important, because the bottom part, 6, is unique, it lodges the Trigger's axis, and has to be set right. All round parts have 12 slots, one for each part, 1 to 12
The assembled Muzzle has to be all done right, if you make one mistake, and one side part, say, part 1 is not connected to all round parts, A to F, ALWAYS on position 1, but for example, on position 2, it won't assemble right!

Step 6: Muzzle Done, Now the Handle!

The handle is by far, the easiest part, small a to small i parts, top to bottom, on both twin vertical parts, it's a cinch!

Step 7: The Trickiest Part of Them All...

This one, has even me fooled, most times I assemble the Ray-Gun, so watch out!
This part, is plugged on the Handle top part, but remember, the 2 BACK slots of the handle fit into the 2 back holes of that little rascal, AND, it's meant to fit it's front part, BEHIND the Handle's 2 pairs of front slots.
be sure you've done it right, before you glue it...
You can tell them apart, because the tricky part still has the White Paper glued on top.

Step 8: Trigger, Muzzle, and Handle Meet

It's a very precise order of events, you plug sideways the Trigger to the bottom Muzzle's side part, on that hole, then you put the trigger between the twin vertical parts, to stay in place, then you connect the Muzzle and the Handle, making the back of the trigger go inside the tricky part on top of the Handle, so the Trigger's hook peeps outside it.

Step 9: The Box

You get to assemble the back part of the Ray Gun, where the Trigger's hook will be set to the Rubber Band, that will also act as the back lid's holder, yes, the back lid has that bottom part where one end the Rubber Band is set, the other's in the Trigger's hook.
The Laser (or LED, in this case), will be glued to the top part, upside down, so as to have the switch being hit by the top of the Trigger's hook
So, the LED or Laser Pointer will be switched on and off, that way.

Step 10:

The Translucent Acrylic Version proudly shows a Laser Pointer tucked into the Box, and plugged into the Muzzle...
Here you go, you've assembled the Laser Pointer, congratulations!!!