Introduction: My Mods of the Jamalam's 'The Storm 22 K'nex Pistol'

So I was sitting at home on a saturday, bored out of my skull and I decided to look for something relatively easy to make that I have the pieces for. Then I stumbled upon this beauty ( It looked really cool and I had all of the parts to make it.

I was very happy with the end product, but I thought, since I had time and K'nex to spare I would make some Mods, so here they are!

Step 1: The Parts and Building Tips

For some steps I thought it would be a lot easier (from my point of view) if I simply posted a link to The Jamalam's Instrucable, so that you could build certain parts of it and then get onto my mods.

So first of gather these pieces:

3 'snowflake' connectors (the circular ones) (5 if you want to make the stand, which I only used to pro it up for the pics)

10 red connectors

35 semi-circle connectors

5 green-4 way connectors

29 grey-one way connectors

22 blue- part cirlce connectors (pic below)

20 orange or brown 2 way connectors

23 tan coloured one way connectors

5 grey-2 way connectors (pic below)

4 yellow rods (6 more for ammo and I used a further 4 for the stand)

51 white or silver small rods

6 dark blue or silvery blue rods

2 Uber long grey or black rods

87 black or green tiny rods


Some elastic bands

Step 2: Building the Handle and Trigger

For this step you will require:

48 green or black tiny rods

15 white or grey small rods

2 yellow rods

4 dark blue or silvery blue rods

11 grey 1 way connectors

6 tan one way connectors

2 red three-way connectors

12 brown or orange 2-way connectors

25 yellow or grey semi-circle connectors

5 green 4-way connectors

5 grey 2-way connectors

2 blue part-circle connectors


Some of your elastic bands

Firstly make 5 of the first picture.

Then turn 2 of them into the second picture.

Then add the oragne and brown 2-way connectors in the way shown in the third picture. This is now the base.

Take one of your 5 sections that are the same and stack it on top of the base as shown in the fourth picture.

Take another one of your 5 sections, but before you place it on top of the others slide 3 small rods through the holes in the 2 way connectors to improve the strength of the handle as shown in picture number five and six.

Place another section on top as shown in picture seven.

Add the last section to the top as shown in picture eight.

Now you will notice that the middle sections of the handle move about and don't stay still.

To fix this get your 2 yellow rods and add 2 one-way grey connectors and 1 one-way tan connector to one end of each as shown in picture nine.

Slot them through the handle at the two bottom-most holes and add the same number of connectors in the same formation on the other side as shown in pictures ten, eleven and twelve. The handle may still move slightly but any more rods will obstruct your and and make it uncomfortable to hold.

Now for the trigger. Using 2 red connectors, 2 white rods and 2 dark blue or silvery blue rods make the base mechanism shown in picture thirteen.

When you have done that, construct the trigger out of 4 orange or brown two-way connectors, 2 white rods, 2 tan one-way connectors and 1 dark blue or silvery blue rod as shown in picture fourteen.

Connect then as shown in picture fifteen, making sure that the tan coloured connector is in line with the red connector.

Attatch the elastic bands as shown in picture sixteen and add the grey one-way connectors as shown in picture seventeen.

Now slot the remaining dark blue or silvery blue rod through the hole in the 2 red connectors and attatch the trigger to the handle as shown in picture eighteen.

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'RE FINSHED! For the handle that is.

Step 3: Building the Main Body

OK so I'm kind of cheating for this step, but the path of least resistance is always the easiest, eh?

So just clickity-click here to find The Jamalam's original building step for the body. When you've finished that stpe, be sure to navigate back to this page to continue with my Mods.

Oh yeah, also The Jamalam includes an extruding part to the back of the body. He uses this to attatch the gun to a K'nex style belt. I didn't do this because, frankly, I don't have the pieces but you can decide whether you want to include it or not.

P.s Return to my Instructable after his step as I have Moded the next one.

Step 4: The Firing Chamber and Gun Barrel

For this step you will require:

2 Circle connectors

3 semi-circle connectors

1 orange or brown one-way connector

12 grey one-way connectors

9 tan one-way connectors

1 white or silver small rod

2 yellow rods

1 Uber long grey or black rod

Build the parts shown in the first and second pictures, then attatch them according to the third and fourth pictures.

Fold up the sides and it should look like picture the fifth.

Step 5: Attatching the Handle, the Firing Pin and Elastic Band Configuration

Pretty simple really.

Attatch the handle as shown in picture one, two and three.

Build the firing pin shown in picture four.

This is where I put the elastic bands from the trigger as shown in picture five, just to counteract the pull from the firing pins elastic band, as it was slightly stronger.

You NEED to attatch the elastic band shown in picture six and seven to make the gun work, the other one that I added in picture eight simply makes it more powerful.

Oh yeah, and I added the silver ring in picture nine cos the tan connector on the firing pin kept pinging off when I fired the gun due to the elastic bands being too strong.

WELL DONE! You've finished modificating The Jamalam's 'Storm 22 K'nex Pistol'! Needless to say though, don't EVER aim it at anyone unbeknown to themy. I am assuming that all who attempt this project are competant, sensible people and will not missuse this Instructable or gun in any way shape or form.

Hope you enjoyed my very first Instructable! =P