Introduction: My Personalised Not a Rectangle (N.A.R.)

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Hi guys.

Haven't been posting much things lately, only comments :P

A personalised N.A.R. is what I bring you, it has all the latest KILLERK mods and some of my own mods... You'll find out at the image notes.

List of my own mods:

- Super accurate scope/sight (ACOG-ish)
- Nice trigger guard so your fingers wont be crashed like this thing did with mine ;-)
- Super-comfy foregrip
- Bullet holders (not my idea, it's from the handle pump TR-guy...)
- Some additional stock components to make it stronger and more durable

*All the other components diferent from the original instructions are all made from KILLERK's Tr8 slideshow*

I want to thank everybody who made this amazing gun, because it's awesome and I beg everyone who did'nt build it yet to build it NAO! :-P

So, here are some pics.

Greetings, H1T4TCH1