Introduction: My SR-V1.5

This is my SR-V1.5, sort of a crossbreed between KillerK's SR-V1 and Lowney's SR-V2 (give them credit!).

Anyway, this is my first instructable so i will take critisem about the knex, but other than that, go and moan somewhere else.

If you need to zoom in on pics then use Ctrl and the +/- key.

And if you need help then ask.

Step 1: The Handle

First you need to build the handle, if you need any help then ask

Pic 1:What you are building,
Pic 2:Build 2 of these,
Pic 3:Make 2 of these,
Pic 4:Add 4 blue rods to these 4 places,
Pic 5:Build the trigger,
Pic 6:Add 1 from pic 2 like so,
Pic 7:Put 1 blue washer on the 3rd from the right then put the trigger on top with another blue washer,
Pic 8:Add 2 5-way connectors with 1 black small connector on,
Pic 9 and 10:add the other 2 peices from pic 2 and 3,

You are done building the Handle!

Step 2: The Body

This is where the handle and the barrel will be placed

Pic 1:Build 4 of these,
Pic 2 and 3:Get 12 blue rods and place the first 9 rods at one end,
Pic 4 and 5:Missing out 2 places, put in another 2 rods,
Pic 6 and 7:Place the last rod 1 from the end,

You are done building the Body!

Step 3: The Stock

Probably the easiest part of the gun

Pic 1:The Stock,
Pic 2:Make 4 of these,
Pic 3:Make 2 of these,
Pic 4:Get 2 blue rods and put the first 1 on to the thing from pic 2 like this,
Pic 5:Add that from pic 3 to the 4 things from pic 1,
Pic 6 and 7: How to do pic 4,

You are done building the Stock!

Step 4: The Barrel

The final part of the gun the barrel

Pic 1:The Barrel,
Pic 2:Build 4 of these,
Pic 3:Make these,
Pic 4:Get 22 blue rods and 1 yellow rod,
Pic 5:Add the yellow rod on the end of 1 rail and the 22 blue rods all the way to the other end,
Pic 6:Add another rail on top of the first,
Pic 7, 8 and 9:Add the items from Pic 2 like this,

You are done building the Barrel!

Step 5: Putting It All Together

The final step

Pic 1:You need to get 8 orange connectors and put 1 small black Y connector on 1 end,
Pic 2:Add the first 4 to the handle like this,
Pic 3 and 4:Attach the handle to the body like this,
Pic 5, 6 and 7:Put the stock on to the body like this,
Pic 8:Add the last 4 from Pic 1 to the body like this,
Pic 9 and 10:Finally add the barrel to the body like,

You have put it together!

Step 6: Elastic Bands and Bullets

Like the Title says, Elastic bands and Bullets

Pic 1:I recommend tying 2 elastic bands together, they snap easyier otherwise,
Pic 2:The bullet, it is a red rot with a ball socket and a mini black rod,

Hope you like my gun, any questions ask.