Introduction: My Very Ugly Christmass Sweater

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This sweater is for you to celebrate Christmas in. Several features include a tag that says, $1,000 Made by hand, It has flashing Christmas lights, and also Jingle bells. With several more special features, you can look really ugly at your Christmas party. Merry Christmas! - Josiah Miller


Paint (or snowflake stickers) clear glue, glitter glue, sweater, red\green fabric, ribbon, transparent dome, buttons, bells, lights, and Cardboard along with a sewing needle and thread. Just trying to overwhelm you with more Christmas shopping than you already had:)

Step 1:

Start out by collecting your sweater and painting or gluing several snowflakes on it. You can pick where you want them to be they don't have to be where I put them.

Step 2:

Next, sew a Christmas tree in the middle, made from some very wacky green Christmas fabric. Remember the goal of this project is to make an ugly sweater, so the uglier the fabric, the better it will be! Make sure the tree is only six inches tall or smaller. The reason will become clear later.

Step 3:

Tie a bow from some ribbon and sew it just above the top of the Christmas tree.

Step 4:

Now add some glitter glue! Various colors are nice and they will enhance the ugliness of your sweater and make it more vibrant. In fact, the more colors you use the uglier it is! You can put them is a sun pattern, I.E. all the stripes coming from the middle, in a striped pattern, up and down, or anything else you can think of. Be creative!

Step 5:

Next, make a string of bells and sew them to the cuffs of the sleeves. This should make you Jingle all the way, wherever you go!

Step 6:

Sew on some flashing lights to the bottom of the sweater. These are easily obtainable at Dollar Tree so they only cost $1.

Step 7:

Now make a big bow and sew it on just above the lights. Depending on the size of the ribbon you use, you can make it look multicolored when the lights are on because of the glow!

Step 8:

Now make a really ugly scarf from some extra red (or green) fabric. If you don't have any fabric than you can use a little kids superhero cape, like me! (I had to get my little brother's permission first.)

Step 9:

You are almost done, but not quite. Add a globe preferably transparent red, and glue it on top of the Christmas tree. Before you glue it, put some buttons inside along with some styrofoam snowflakes or something else creative, you should know best! Also, add some glitter glue to the scarf. (Assuming your little brother does not want his cape back.)

Step 10:

Next, make a price tag, or a to from gift tag. You could put something like ($1,000 Crafted by hand) or ( Merry Christmas To ____ From ____ Just trying to show how much I appreciate you!) Or something else.

Step 11:

Lastly, wear your ugly sweater to the store or to the library :) Maybe, if you are adventurous, you might wear it to your Christmas party! Merry Christmas - Josiah Miller.

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