Introduction: Mystical Magic Wand

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I have always wanted to make a "magic wand", I mean, they're just so cool. I love the Harry Potter movies, and that is where I got my inspiration.

Step 1: Supplies

For the "wand" you can use chopsticks. I had a bunch of them from Chinese take out. You can also use a round wooden dowel cut to the size you like.

I also used:

Hot glue

craft paint

sand paper

paint brushes

I used a large marble on the handle of mine. But you can really put anything you like, just see what you have laying around. You don't have to use anything either, if that's what you prefer.

Step 2: Attach Marble

Hot glue does not stick well to smooth surfaces, so I rubbed mine on a sanding block to roughen up the smooth surface. This gives the glue something to "grab".

After it was sanded I added a bead of hot glue to the end, attached the marble and waited for it to cool.

I then built up my handle with the hot glue. See photos

Step 3: Making the "wood"

For this step I took many passes up and down the chop stick with my hot glue. You will need to stop periodically to let each layer cool off, then add more, until you get the look you want.

After it is completely cool, pluck off any "hairs" the glue gun left. I had lots of those!

Step 4: Painting Your Masterpiece

I wanted to keep the marble's color the same so I taped it off with masking tape.

I then painted it all in a dark brown "wood" look color. Spray paint that adheres to plastic would work great for this step. It was really hard to get paint in all of the nooks and crannies of the glue.

After the brown paint dried, I added some black paint to add detail and depth. For this use a dry bush method. Don't know what dry brush painting is? Simply add paint to your brush, then rub most of it off before painting your piece.

I did not get a photo, but I also added a small amount of gold dust glitter paint, again using the dry brush method.

After everything was dry I removed the tape off of the marble and cast my first spell! I turned my Chihuahua into a Great Dane! ..... just kidding

Step 5: The Final Result

I was really happy with how this came out. Especially since I'd never made one before.

These would make awesome, inexpensive party favors for a birthday party.

Now, off to find my spell book........

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