Introduction: Mystique Costume

About: My name's Joanne and I love making costumes.

Loved making this Mystique Costume, for our local carnival. Lots of shape cutting and hand sewing involved. Need to have patience, as it is time consuming but so worth it.

Had lots of compliments from the crowds. Picture requests from spectators.

Need to carry this look off with confidence and get into character.

Hope you like my first Intstructable post. Hopefully more to follow!

Step 1: Catsuit

I purchased a lycra catsuit and incorporated bra cups with the front straps, into the suit. I also split the front of the suit, down to make a v-shape.

Step 2: Making Scales

I looked at various ideas to make the scales and decided the most realistic look, would come from a blue leather looking fabric.
I painstakingly cut all different scale shapes and sizes. Patience is a virtue!

Step 3: Adding Dimension

To give my costume more dimension, i bought different sized faceted blue, glass crystals.
I then had to sew all the crystals and scales, onto the catsuit. As the fabric is lycra, they had to be sewn on close together, so when the fabric stretched they'd look good.
It's easier to do one side, then follow this pattern to the other side.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

The glass beads caught the light lovely, so i decided to add various sizes sequins to the scales, in shades of blue and black. Not to all of them though!

Step 5: Shoes

Mystique doesn't need shoes but us mere mortals do. I manage to buy some cheap sandles, in the perfect colour and the were scaley too.

Step 6: Make-up

I used blue face paint and spray for my skin and used PVA glue to paint the textured scales, on my face.
My daughters blue shimmer eyeshadow and lipstick, helped complete the look.
Yellow contact lenses for my eyes.

Step 7: Hair

I'm a natural red head but my hair was too long for Mystique.
I did two tight french braids and put on a wig cap.
I managed to purchase a similar wig to Mystique. Although, it was quite small. Luckily i don't have a large head.