Hi friends i am SIVAMAKIN.Today we are going to make a NEWSPAPER SWORD. ok come on we will do it.

So first we need some pages of newspaper. The important meterial is the newspaper.

Step 1: STEP-2

The second meterial we need is a tape for sticking.

You can take any type of tape.

Step 2: STEP-3

So take the newspaper and rool it.

Make two rools like in the picture.

This is the body of our sword.

Step 3: STEP-4

So take the rools and stick them together by using the tape .

Step 4: STEP-5

At the front make a edge like in the picture.

Then stick at the front where you cutted.

You can use tape to stick.

Step 5: STEP-6

So then take a little bit of a paper.

Step 6: STEP-7

Then fold the paper into two pieces.

Step 7: STEP-8

Then agian fold it.

Step 8: STEP-9

Fold all the four sides and stick them with the tape.

Step 9: STEP-10

Then put a hole at the middle.

Step 10: STEP-11

Put the paper into the rools like in the pictures.


Ok friends thats all.

I thing this must be easy to do in home.