Introduction: NEXX Wifi Router As 2 Ways Router


A way to use this wifi router as a 2 ways LAN router with LuCi update.

Step 1: Update the Firmware

I wanted to use a mini wifi router to link an industrial touchscreen and a PLC like Arduino/Ethernet shield, M221 Modicon...So I bought the NEXX WT3020 but the problem is that there is a way configured as LAN and the other as WLAN and it was impossible to run the NEXX as a "normal" 2 LAN router. The solution was to update the firmware with a sort of OS called LuCi, a more catchy and detailed GUI.

I give you a tutorial to do this with the firmware Ramips.

Step 2: Conclusion

It works fine but I don't test the wifi distance to communicate. To be continued.

Happy instructable.