Introduction: Nacho Cheese Tomato Appetizer

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Most of your die hard Mexican food lovers are experts in knowing where to find authentic Mexican food restaurants. When traveling through the state of New Mexico many will tell you they plan ahead to stop at their favorite Mexican restaurant and chow down on the real deal! A lot of them lay over in Santa Fe, New Mexico and know all of the small Ma and Pop places to satisfy their palate.

This is the time of year when farmers in New Mexico are harvesting their peppers and where you will see Farmers Markets have their roasting barrels in front of the store. The smell of chillies fill the air making you very hungry for those delicious peppers made up in Mexican dishes.

Here is a simple Nacho Cheese tomato appetizer recipe that taste so good. I am also sharing a couple of tips that might interest you as well.

The recipe single serving:

Few Nacho cheese chips.
1/2 to 1 tomato chopped
Small section of bell pepper chopped
Fresh squeezed lemon juice (desired amount) read my comment below about how to select a lemon and get as much juice from it as you can.
small amount of seeded or unseeded Jalapeno pepper chopped. optional
Sea salt to taste.


The only thing you might need that may not be in your kitchen is a small plastic hand juicer but that is not a must have. It just makes it a little easier. 

After chopping all the ingredients mix together, add the lemon juice and spoon over each chip just before serving. The lemon juice adds a distinctive citrus flavor that makes the tomato taste so fresh. 

Small shiny, thin skinned, lemons are the best in my opinion. To get the most juice from your lemon. Place a clean lemon in the microwave for 20 seconds. Let it cool before you cut it open or roll it or  it just might squirt juice out of it when you cut into it. Before you cut it open, roll it gently back and forth pushing it slightly to soften the lemon. Cut it and place it over the small juicer, squeeze it to remove the juice. You will get much better results doing this. 

Are you wondering what New Mexicans favorite choice of enchilada sauce is? That would be Hatch Enchilada sauce. Everyone usually goes to the local stores in New Mexico and buy cases of this wonderful sauce to take home for all their best Mexican recipes. I am adding this recipe to my collection of family favorite recipes so my children will have them after I am gone.


Thank you for stopping by and do have a great day! 

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