Introduction: Nail Care - Natural Home Remedies for Beautiful Nails - Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

Many of us like to maintain long nails, but few realize that nails also need to be nurtured. Very often, nails become brittle and crack and break easily. Broken fingernails look bad, but they could be an indication of iron deficiency.

Follow this routine for healthy nails.

First and foremost, keep fingernails dry and clean to prevent bacteria developing beneath the nails. Take 250 ml of water (about 1 cup). Mix in 1 tlbsp of the juice of lime. Now soak the fingernails in this solution for 2-3 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water, and dry well. Moisturize well with a normal moisturizer. Do this for the toe nails also. Not only does this procedure keep nails healthy, it also removes nail stains.

Gently warm some mustard oil. Let the fingernails and toe nails soak in it for 10 minutes. Now gently massage each finger and toe, and wipe off the excess oil. Make this a daily routine to ensure healthy nails.

Take some freshly squeezed lime juice. With a small ball of cotton, scrub the finger and toe nails gently. Wash off thoroughly and dry well. This also makes the nails strong.

Do not bite either the nails or the surrounding delicate skin, which could lead to infection. Cleaning under the nails with anything sharp, or trying to cut the cuticles can also lead to infection. When cutting toenails, make sure to trim right across. Filing toenails in a curved way could lead to painful ingrown nails.

Finally, include foods like beetroot, spinach, nuts and dry fruit in your diet frequently to give the right nutrients to nails.

Pamper your nails, and watch them grow healthy and lustrous!

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