Nail Painter 3000

Introduction: Nail Painter 3000

The Nail Painter 3000 is a revolutionary life hack for amputees due to its easy assembly and ease of access.Depending on the size of your nail polish cap modifications may be needed to be made to the stl file in order to accommodate the wide variety of shapes and sizes of nail polish caps. In our in class demonstration we had to add the wood block in order to prevent nail polish dripping onto the tables. The Nail Painter 3000 does not require any modification in order to function.

Step 1: Open the Bottle Using One Hand

For amputees, opening the bottle of the nail polish can be a challenge. A good tip from another amputee is if you share nail polish with others, make sure to ask them to not screw the cap on too tight

Step 2: Place Brush in Holder

As you remove the brush make sure it is lightly coated with nail polish in order to prevent the majority of the nail polish dripping from the brush.

Step 3: Guide Fingernail Underneath of Brush

Place your palm on the wood and finger underneath of the brush and began slowly moving you finger back and forth across the brush until fully applied

Step 4: Re-dip As Needed

Re-dip your nail polish when you notice it to be ineffective.

Step 5: Printing Instructions

In order to create your own download the stl file link. Print out the stl file using a 3D printer. Once the Nail Painter 3000 is printed its all done. No further modification necessary.

Step 6: Amputee Life Hack!

Thanks for reading our Amputee Life Hack! Our goal was to try and create the easiest and most simplistic designed so that we can help make the lives of amputees a little more simple.

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    4 years ago

    This would work well for a person with hemiparesis from cerebral palsy or stroke as well. Cool idea