Introduction: Name Maze

My husband loves art and one of his specialties is mazes, so he and I have collaborated to make this tutorial. We hope you enjoy this tutorial and are inspired to make your own creations. The original tutorial may be viewed at Craftosaurus.

Step 1: Sketch Outline

With your pencil, lightly sketch out the letters that will shape your name maze.

Step 2: Refine Sketch

Erase extra lines to refine your sketch.

Step 3: Plan Your Path

Before making any permanent marks on your paper, you will need to decide where you are going to place your start/finish and the general trail of your correct path. Lightly sketch the guideline for your correct path. Now, any place the path crosses over the edge of a letter, erase a small section to leave an opening for the path to cross. Erase to leave openings in any other areas where you want to allow dead end paths to cross over letters.

(In the image, the start and finish are labeled, the guide for the correct path is indicated with the red line, the red ovals indicate where a space will be left for the correct path to cross over letter edges, and the blue ovals indicate where a space will be left for dead end paths to cross letter edges.)

Step 4: Trace Outline and Draw Maze Paths

Trace over the letter outlines with a pen, being careful to leave your gaps open for the path to cross.

Using your pen, begin by drawing in a few dead end paths to help guide and barricade off areas from the correct path. Be sure to leave openings for the paths to connect to each other. If you make a mistake, don't worry, just slap a little liquid correction fluid on it.

(In the image, dead end guide/barricade paths are highlighted in yellow.)

Once you get have a few dead end paths started, go back to your start point, and begin creating your main path, erasing any remaining pencil marks as you go. Be sure to wind, twist, and branch the path as you roughly follow your guideline to the finish. Also, be sure to leave some openings off of branched parts of your main path to connect to dead end filler paths later.

Step 5: Fill in Empty Spaces to Finish

After you have finished the main path through the maze, fill in any remaining empty spaces with dead end paths. Be sure to link any openings off the main path to the dead end filler paths. Now you are finished and should have something like this.