Introduction: Name Plate

Using this file and a laser cutter you can create name plates in wood, metal or plastic. The file will produce 4 name plates. They are plain as they come from the file but they can be painted, engraved and decorated. The size can also be modified.

Step 1: Cutting the Name Plates

Using the enclosed file you can cut 4 name plates. I used .188 plywood.

I added a name to the gold name plates while I was cutting the name plates and then I painted the plate. I rubbed the paint off and some gold was left in the engraved area. I then repainted the name plate.

Step 2: Painting and Engraving

I simply used a gold and a silver tempera paint.

After the paint had dried I then engraved the name on the silver one by using the text tool and putting the name plate back into the laser cutter. Using careful measurements you can centre the text but it would be good to run test copies.