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Introduction: Nameless Homework / Test Finder

Every time I mark homework there will be between 2-5 students who forget to put their name on the work, its even worse for class tests. Every day we then spend 1-2 minutes trying to identify who the owner of the work is by me holding up each piece and asking the students whose work it is. Eventually we find the owner.

So we found a very simple and neat way for my class to easily find the un-named work that saves us a couple of minutes each day (and saves my voice from calling out "whose work is this?")


4-8 Clips depending on your class size and how many unnamed pieces of work you usually have (these clips are known as bulldog clips in the UK because they are as stong as a bulldog :-) -

1 yard/meter of string

Step 1: Tie the Clips to the String

Simply take the clips and tie them to the string evenly spaced out so you have a line of the clips. You might need to tie a double know if the string is smooth and a single knot starts to slip.

At one end of the string tie a loop, this is how you will hang the string to the whiteboard/wall/door.

Step 2: Hang It Up and Wait for the Un-named Work to Be Claimed.

Hang the loop on the whiteboard/wall/door and then clip the un-named work to the string. At a suitable point in the class ask students to check if their work is there so they can claim the work or add their name to the work. I found the best place is near the door so students look at it as they enter the class or at the side of the whiteboard, also at the start of the class is best when the class attention is at its greatest.

Now you have claimed back 1-2 minutes extra each day so you can teach your students something awesome !

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