Introduction: Nanotube Picture Frame

This is a project made possible by 3D printing. The concept is a large scale nanotube that can be used to hold pictures in each one of the hexagon of the nanotube. I designed it to hold a 4 x 6 in picture that had been cut into the shape of a hexagon. I cut up the nanotube into sections to make sure it could print on a multitude of 3D printers, because of this you can change how big you wish to make it.

Step 1: Printing

The models enclosed DO NOT HAVE SUPPORTS IN THEM. YOU NEED TO HAVE THEM. I designed this in such a way that the smallest nanotube you can make is 18 picture frames. You can do this by print 8 "EndNano" pieces and gluing them together. If you like it bigger the next size 30 picture frames, 8 "EndNano" pieces and 4 "mid Nano" pieces.

Step 2: Assembly

Once you have your pieces printed you need to put them together. You can do this most effectively by superglue or if you are using PLA acetone, If need be even tape. You connect the pieces at the cylinder like parts. If done correctly it will form hexagons in between the pieces.

Step 3: Adding Pictures!

In order for you to place a picture in the intended location you need to cut into a hexagon. If you are using standard 4 x 6 in photos YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO ALTER THE 4 in HEIGHT. To cut the hexagon first place the photo next to the 3D hexagon and trace it with a pen or sharpie, on the back of the picture. Cut out the hexagon shape. Place the picture in by bending it slightly. If you have trouble putting it in, try using sandpaper to make sure the crack is clear of printing errors.

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