Introduction: Natural Curtain Rods Made From Branches. How to Make and How to Hang.

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DIY projects are cool because in most of them You are using non standard component to make something which suits Your needs. This project is exactly like this - curtain rods made from wooden branches.

Why ?

To better stylize Your room (in my case it is for Winnie the Pooh forest stylization)

To have more natural look

To have something original

To save some money

What will be needed ?

- wooden branch

- big construction nails

- paint (but it is not necessary)

Step 1: Wood Selection & Preparation

I recommend to use hard hardwood which are quite straight and wide in diameter. Branches have to be also very dry to not crack more during time.

First cut the wood to the desired size. Leve some space on both window sides, do not cut the branches to the same dimensions as the window.
After cutting ith the fine saw, use sandpaper and sand the edges.

You can paint Your branches or You can leave them as they are. It depends on Your stylization needs. In case of painting, as You can see on the pictures/video, ordinary wall paint is also good idea.

Step 2: Making the Mountings

Use big nails to mount the branch on the wall. Cut their heads with metal saw or angle grinder. Cut them to the desired lenght. It depends how Your branch looks but take in mind, to leave some lenght for mounting in the wall.

In my case, in this bigger branch which hangs on concrete wall, I leave 5cm of the nail to be putted into the wall.

Step 3: Hanging the Branch

Drill the holes in the walls and drill the branches also. Be carefull to not to drill through them.

Then place the nails in the wall and hang the branch on them. You can use poliurethane glue (standard wood glue) and place it in the branches sockets to make stronger connection.

From my experience it looks that if You make the holes very tight, You won't need any glue. Watch the video in which I'm showing how strong is such mounting.

I mounted such curtain rods in concrete wall and in drywall with wood behind. It hangs in my house for almost half a year til now and nothings bad happens.

Step 4: Final Touch

You can paint the visible nails to make them almost invisible. I use for that ordinary wall paint. The same as on the walls. It looks pretty good.

That's all. Now You can hang the curtains on Your branches-rods.

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