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Hey Sunshines!

I am introducing a way to make a natural face and lip balm. It is super easy to make and is also good for the enviroment since you will be reusing old lip balm containers!
This product is all natural and suitable for vegans. You can use it as under eye cream to lessen dark circles under eyes or simply as lip moisturizer. The balm has lots of benefits. It consists of vitamins A and E which are good for the skin.

When it is warm then the balm starts to get soft. The benefits are not lost but it is trickier to apply it. Prefer storing your homemade lip balm in a colder place. If you don’t like too soft balm or find it not practical to hold it in cold, you can just add some shea butter or beeswax to get better structured balm. I personally like it better without them, specially when using it as eye cream.

Step 1: Ingredients

All you need:
Cold pressed coconut oil (around one teaspoon)
Cold presses avocado oil (around half teaspoon)
Cold pressed wheat germ oil (around half teaspoon)
Emty lip balm tube

Step 2: Mixing All Together

Mix coconut oil, avocado oil and wheat germ oil all together. When it is done put everything into an emty lip balm tube and put it somewhere cold, so it can take its structure. Wait 1 hour and you are ready!

Step 3: Custom Lable

You also can make your own unique balm tube. Just cut a slice of paper and write whatever you want there. Glue it on and you are ready!

Step 4: Natural Face and Lip Balm Is Ready!

Thank you so much and hope you got inspired!
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