Introduction: Natural Garden Fountain With Stones

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I loved to draw sceneries as a child, and wanted to build one in my garden.
There was a time when the road construction was going on in my locality a,d lots of big stones were being dropped every day. It was then I started collecting those stones and decorated my garden.
Few years later when I got admitted to a college, I thought of building a fountain out of those stones, and soon I started without a lot of thinking.

During the last 4 years, I was at home for a very small time span, and I kept on working on this project of mine.

Finally, last year I made it work. Still, a few more things to do, but I am sharing what I did.

Here are the glimps of the construction.

Step 1: Making the Foundation

I made the foundation with thermocol boxes, that I got from the medicine shop. I used them because there were no rigid boundaries at the location where I planned to build this. I had to put a motor inside the bigger thermocol. In the image, you can see a round bottle fixed at the bottom of the vertical thermocol.
I built a small pit as in the second picture, where the water would be stored.

Step 2: Laying the Stones

I got some big sized stones from my neighbors. Those looked fine at the bottom. I made brick walls for supporting the boxes. Mud was filled inside for proper laying of the stones. I part cement and 3 parts sand was mix to set stones on one another.

Step 3: Setting Up the Bricks

Step 4: Making the Mountain Looks

By the time I was progressing with the construction, a rigid boundary was also built and that made my work a bit easy in a way.

I wanted to make stairs like structure, a scene like staircase waterfall.

Step 5: The Bridge and the Pond

Step 6: Final Look

The video gives a clear look of the whole scene.