Introduction: Natural and Quick Microwave Cleaning

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As we all are at home in this crucial time. There is a useful way to spend your time during this social distancing. This time can be more productive knowing that its time for spring cleaning your home. Nowadays, I am spending most of the time in the kitchen. And my Microwave was asking for cleaning. And who loves a clean kitchen with a dirty Microwave?

So, I thought to share my Microwave cleaning tip which I used to clean it. I have a completely safe, natural, and effective method to get the job done. No harsh chemicals. This method is appropriate if you’re taking regular care of your oven but for really tough stains you might need something stronger. You most likely have everything in your kitchen cupboards. So, Here’s how I did it.

Step 1: What Materials Do I Need

1. Baking Soda.

2. Lemon and Water.

3. Microwave Safe Bowl.

4. Gloves (I did not use it though).

5. Dry tissue paper.

6. Knife to cut the lemon.

7. Cotton cloth for wiping stains.

8. Dishwash liquid and an old toothbrush.

Step 2: Prepare the Solution

Lemon and other citrus oils are great natural degreasers. Lemons disinfect surfaces naturally and their acidic pH helps dissolve grease. Baking soda is a gentle yet effective scrubbing power. Used alone or together, these two items can be used to clean everything from your microwave to your shower walls and doors.

1. Cut the lemon in thin slices.

2. Pour 1/3 of water in a microwave safe bowl.

3. Place the lemon slices in the bowl.

4. Add 2 teaspoons of Baking Soda in the Bowl.

5. Stir it well.

Step 3: Place the Bowl in Microwave

Place the bowl inside the Microwave and heat it at 120 degree for 3 minutes (depending upon the state of the oven). If the buildup is really bad, you can try leaving it for a bit longer period. Till then sit back and relax. As the baking soda and lemon heats up, the vapors will begin clinging to the stain and grease, making it loose enough to wipe away.

Step 4: Clean the Microwave Turntable Plate

Till then, let's wash the turntable plate. You can use any liquid dishwashing soap and any old toothbrush to clean it. Apply dishwashing liquid onto the plate and start scrubbing using an old toothbrush. I am using this brush because it helps in scrubbing even hidden grease very well rather than a scrubby sponge. Rinse the plate in clean water and let it dry.

Step 5: Remove the Bowl

Now back to the Microwave. Do not open the Microwave door for 10 minutes. Let the Microwave cool down and let the steam do its job. After 10 minutes, switch off the microwave and remove the Bowl.

Step 6: Remove the Turntable Plate

The first thing to do before cleaning is to remove the turntable plate.

Step 7: Lemon Scrubbing

Now take the lemon out of the bowl and scrub the walls and base of the Microwave. Keep scrubbing until the surface is completely clean. Lemon serves as a natural bleach and effective cleaner. Although the vapors from the lemon solution loosen the grease stuck on the oven walls. But I am using this step to remove hard stains if any and also to give shine to my Microwave.

I did not wear gloves as lemon is safer not only for you but also for the environment :)

Step 8: Wipe Off Using Damp Cloth

Its time to simply wipe it clean. Damp the cloth in the same lemon solution and wipe out the surface including all the walls inside and outside of the Microwave. Rinse the cloth in between as required. Keep wiping until everything is clean.

Step 9: Wipe Off Dry

Using a soft and dry tissue paper, wipe off all surfaces until its completely dry. Do the same on the outside glass door.

Step 10: And Its Done !!

Now your Microwave is sparkling clean. I really enjoyed cleaning, using natural and safe method. For a safe and effective cleaning, we should always opt for chemical free techniques.

Hope you will find it helpful. Thanks :)

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