Introduction: Nazgul Gloves in Worbla

Hi ! I'm here to share my work.

Here's the list of the things I needed to realize those gloves. (Note that I'm french, prices may not be the same everywhere)

Tools :

  • Flat Nose Pliers (5€)
  • Leather Hole Punch Pliers (10€)
  • Scissors (5€)
  • Sewing needle (1€)
  • Small painting brush(1€)
  • Hammer (5€)
  • Hair dryer (15€)

Materials :

  • Worbla 75x50cm (25€)
  • Rivets x120 (10€)
  • Black leather gloves (price undefined)
  • Leather (I bought a cheap leather coat for 20€ in a store that sales used clothes)
  • Black sewing thread (2€)
  • Thumbtack (Pin) (2€)
  • Black spray paint (10€)
  • Gray & brown paint (5€)

In the next steps...

...I'll tell you what for I needed all those tools and materials and where to buy them, you'll find the blueprints of the plate armor to download and some detailed pictures.

Step 1: ​Why All Those Stuff / Where to Buy

  • Rivets : After you've made holes with the "hole punch pliers" you can put together the different armor element with the rivets. Clip them and give a good hammer blow on the top to seal them. (See detailed pictures above) To find this product I went in a haberdashery store : Rivets Jeans - 467 nickelé et bronze - 8 mm.
  • Leather : You will have to cut leather stripes in the coat to attach the fingers's armor plates with the rivets. The stripes are sewed at the fingertips. (See detailed pictures above). If you can find a black coat it would be better than brown!
  • Paint : I used the black spray paint to do the layer of the cut pieces of worbla. (I used a citadel spray paint) When the layer was dry I painted the worbla with the painting brush. The gray is the P863 from the brand "Prince August" and the brown/orange I used to do the rust effect is the P981 from the same brand.

Step 2: Worbla

Why this material ? Because in a big town, in an 17m² apartment I cannot have my own smithy !

Seriously, it's an awesome material that I have been able to shape very easily with a simple hair dryer. I bought it on a french web site, Cosplay Heaven, but I'm sure you can find in many other website.

The 56 finger plates have been curved on my vacuum cleaner pipe. It was the perfect shape.

Step 3: Blueprints to Download and Print

Plates of upper hand

Finger's plates (Forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger)

Thumb plates

If you print them you'll just have to cut the plates in the paper and use them as model to draw on your Worbla sheet.

I have a small hand so I strongly recommend to give a try with the paper before cutting the Worbla. Use the pins to attach the paper to the leather stripes instead of the rivets. (Watch the picture above)

Step 4: Sources

Jeffrey Michael Stelter Artistry

Video - replica of Witchking Hand Armour

Some pictures

For the head of the costume

If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer you.

Have a good hunt for the one ring little Nagûls ! :)