Introduction: Nectarine BBQ Sauce (GF)

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Step 1: How To

1. You're simply going to add all the ingredients into a saucepan. So start by chopping up the nectarine into small chunks, keeping the skin on (but obviously discarding the pit). Throw into the pan. Then do the same with the tomato and add to the pan. Pour in the cup of water, add the honey, the balsamic vinegar, the apple cider vinegar, the cayenne pepper, the garlic powder, the paprika and the salt.

2. Lightly stir together, then cover and place on a high heat. Leave until it starts to boil, then remove the lid and leave it to reduce on a lower heat. The more you let it reduce the thicker your sauce will be.

3. Pour the mix into a tall jug and let cool a little, then pulse it so make a smooth sauce. And that's it for the sauce.


Or other meats. Or vegetables. Or everything.

Cook your food on the BBQ for it to caramelize nicely and be super delicious but if the weather is being unfriendly you can also cook your 'items' in the oven.

And then enjoy and don't worry about sticky finger (because, frankly, that's half the fun)!

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