Introduction: Need a Blanket?? Come Make One With Me!

come make a fun easy blanket with me! perfect time to sit back and relax!


2 yards of fabric, sticky notes, scissors, ruler, pins(optional)

Step 1: Pick Out Your Fabric

First thing you’re going to do is get your fabric, it could be an old sheet, old comforter or you can just go to your local craft store. I went to Joans and picked out 2 different patterns of fabric. Make sure you ask for them to cut out 2 yards!

Step 2: Lay It Out

Take both fabric and lay it on a flat surface. Make sure it’s flat and you line the fabric up so ends match ends

Step 3: Sticky Note & Pin It Up!

Pins are optional but they help me, I just grabbed sewing pins so my fabric stays in place, you’re going to put one sticky note on each corner.

Step 4: Cut It Up!

What you’re going to need is a ruler and scissors. First take your scissors and cut out the sticky note. That will make your corner, next take your ruler and put it along the boarder vertically. make sure it is 3 inches up, you’re just going to cut the width of your ruler. repeat until you’ve made it around the whole blanket!

Step 5: Tying the Knot

Now we’re going to tie the green and blue ends together. this will look weird at first but it’ll look better when finished! here’s a vid on what I mean

Step 6: Cut Off the Ends

half of your blanket will be ruff at the ends of it! snip it off (:

Step 7: All Done (:!

stretch and pull gently.. now go wrap yourself up!!!