Introduction: Needle Felted Ladybug

About: Stabbing adorable things into creation

A little needle felted ladybug to keep you and your plants company.


  • Red roving
  • White roving
  • Black roving
  • Fine felting needle
  • Felting pad (you can use a foam pad, sponge, old pillow you don't care about or, my favourite, a pouch stuff with dried rice)

Step 1: Make the Body

Grab a tuft of black roving and lovely fold it and roll it in your hands to form a rough ball.
Take your felting needle and stab it down! Feel free to squeeze the roving into the shape you want while you felt, it can help it go faster. Perfect! You've got a little black ball.

Step 2: Make the Wings

Grab a small amount of red roving.

Place it on your felting pad and use the needle to stab out the outline of the wing a couple of times Now fold any roving that's outside of the lines into the middle and felt it into place Continue felting till it's the shape and size you want.

Remember to take your piece off the felting pad from time to time so it doesn't get too stuck. Repeat making a mirror image for the second wing.

Step 3: Attaching the Wings

Place the wings on the body and stab them into place
I like to attach the wings just at the front so that they can still spread out.

Step 4: Add the Dots

Grab the smallest amount of black roving you can. You only want to have a few strands
Pick where you want the dot to be and, going in and out of the same place, felt it on. Once it's secure wrap the roving that's sticking out around your needle and stab it down.

Step 5: (Optional) Add the White Spot

Take a small tuft of white roving and felt it between the wings at the top.

Work it so the white forms a semi-circle that joins the two wings.

Step 6: Admire Your New Friend

and maybe make it some more friends!