Nenitoshouse Halloween Setup




Introduction: Nenitoshouse Halloween Setup

This is my 2011 Halloween setup

For this project a use some instructables...

For the Tombstone i bougt then at waltmart and follow this link

I got a Fog machine at Target for $25 + $10 for the timer, and built a Chiller with this link

The spider web in the wall and bugs got then at waltmart

The spider web in the tombstone was made with hot silicon gun & air blower

All the ilumination is made by RGB Leds controler by remote control

The sound effects are made using Sony Acid Software with 20 mp3 loop

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    The last picture reminds me of my 1st digital camera and taking pics of $$$mas lights, I took probably 500 pictures of lights while deliberately moving the camera.
    Nice yard Haunt, I especially like the blue lights, while the green lights worked well INSIDE the Haunt, giving the fog a creepy glow, I didn't like it in the graveyard. We never thought about blue ! Next year we'll definitely have blue lights ! Thank you for sharing.. There's only 349 days until HALLOWEEN !