Introduction: Neopixel Controlled With Nodemcu

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Hi guys
Here I have a new instructable. In this instructable we'll learn about how to control and change the color of a Neopixel led strip (ws2812b) by using the Nodemcu through internet from anywhere in the world. So it's a project of IOT combined with the Neopixel led strip.

Here we are going to use Blynk app as an interface between our smartphone and Nodemcu.

Step 1: Materials Required

1)Node Mcu

2) Neopixel led strip (Ws21812b)

3) connecting wires

4) Breadboard

5) Power supply


6) Blynk app

Step 2: Preparing the Blynk App

In this project we need to use an interface between the smartphone and the Nodemcu. For this we are going to use the Blynk app as an interface.

For that first download the Blynk app from Google play store.

Then open the app and create the new account by using your Email ID.

After creating the account you'll get an "Authentication Token " on your Email ID.

Save this "Authentication Token" for the future use.

Step 3: Connecting the Nodemcu to Neopixel Led Strip

Neopixel led strip ---- Nodemcu

5v pin ----------- Vin pin

Gnd pin. ----------- Gnd pin

Din pin --------------. D2 pin

This is it. Isn't it so simple......

Step 4: Hardware and Power Supply

In this project I've connected the led strip on the scale and on the other side of the scale Nodemcu along with Breadboard has been mounted..

Power supply

This Nodemcu can work with cellphone charger (5v). So you can directly use that . And the same data cable can be used to connect the Nodemcu to the computer to upload the program.

Step 5: Programming the Nodemcu

Before learning about this you need to know about the basics of Intial setup of Nodemcu.Nodemcu initial setup

Even I've got my basics from this above instructable, so please go through that.

After going through that instructable you'll be able to use the Nodemcu in any way.

Below is the link for the source code of this project.

In the given program you need to change the "Authentication Token" ( which you've received in your Email ID from Blynk)

And also Ssid and password of your WiFi to which the Nodemcu has to be connected.

After doing this you can upload the program to your Nodemcu board.

That's it your Nodemcu is ready to use.

Step 6: Final Testing

Almost 90% of the tutorial is finished.

Now we have to go back to the Blynk app.

Open the Blynk app. Create a new project and select the settings option ( hexagonal nut shaped key on the top ).

In the settings option enter the name of the project and in the Devices select The Nodemcu (as we are using it) also define the connection type to WiFi....

With this the Device setup in the Blynk app is finished.

Now add the zeRGBa key(widget) by using the Plus button(widget box) just beside the settings button.

After adding the widget just click on that Widget .

In that zeRGBa widget key select the option to "merge" and pin to "virtual pin V2"..

(There is some text that has to be copied to the source code which I've already done in the previous step source code. So you can just download that and upload it directly.)

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