Introduction: Neopixel Led Designer Tree

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This is the instructable about creating a designer tree with Neopixel LED's. This is just a simple one, so easy to make that takes less efforts but gives a marvelous masterpiece which can grab everyone's attention.

Step 1: Materials Required

1-Arduino uno -1

2-Neopixel WS2812B Led- 1/2 meter

3-connecting wires

4-Metal rod( for making the frame of designer tree)

5-one cylindrical box/stand (to put whole setup into it)



8-Power supply/Adapter 5V

Step 2: Hardware

In this part of this instructable we will make the frame of the whole setup.

Here we'll take the metal rod and twist it by using some cylindrical surface.

After getting the correct shape we can stick led strip to the rod by using some transparent tape.

Make sure that the LED's are facing outwards instead of facing inwards because it won't give you exact look you were supposed to get.

After doing this we can fix the rod to the stand by using the brown tape or glue gun.

With this the hardware part is finished.

Step 3: Electronics

In this we'll learn about the electronics. This is so simple because we just need 3 wires.

Generally the strip comes with already soledered wires to the one end. We can connect that wires to the connecting wires ( one side with male header pins).

After connecting these wires we'll left with three male pins coming out of the led strip.

Connect. 1) +5v of strip to 5v Arduino uno

2) gnd of strip to gnd Arduino uno

3) Din of strip to Digital pin 6 (any pwm pin) Arduino uno

This is it, electronics part is also is finished.

Step 4: Software / Programming

In this we'll learn about programming the Neopixel LED's strip with Arduino.

To program the Neopixel LED strip we need to use the Neopixel headerfile. Below is the link to download the headerfile.

Neopixel library file

After that you can program the Neopixel led with the Arduino. There are some example codes in the headerfile which you can use for learning the basics of Neopixel LED.

Here's the project's source code , can be downloaded from the below link.

Step 5: Assembly

Assemble all the parts. Put the electronics parts into the the box and seal it with the tape. Attach the rod to the stand/box by using the tape or glue gun.

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