Introduction: Nerf Gun Mod - Sailor Moon Repaint

About: I am a maker from the St. Louis area. I have spent a lot of time playing video games and watching anime. I am finally jumping into the world of making things I like from these places.

We moved to a new home last month and I finally got my workspace in order. I am have been trying to find some small projects to work on since it doesn’t like there will be any con any time soon. We do have a bucked full of nerf guns I decided to repaint some of them.


Files or sandpaper

Krylon Colormaxx Flat Black Pain + Primer

Red, White, Rosemarie, Gold, Brown

Silver Paint for scratches

Paint Brushes

Nerf Gun

Step 1: File the Surface

The first step you want to do is to file down any logos or wording you don’t want on the gun. In my case it was the Nerf, Triro EX-3, Elite logo and the caution wording. I had some files on hand so I used them but sandpaper will work too it will just take longer to get them to a smoother surface. After you file down all the logos take the sandpaper and ruff up the entire surface of the gun. If the surface is smooth the paint will not stick to the gun. After I sanded I ran the gun under some water to get off any dust and let ti dry completely.

Step 2: Repaint

I coved the gun with a coat of Krylon Colormaxx Flat Black Pain + Primer. I used the wand from Elvenstore Etsy’s shop and a reference for the color schema. I wanted most of the gun to be pink and it took a bout 5 heave coats of the pink and white paint to get it to cover nicely. I wanted the outside edges to be the gold color and this took about 3 coats to get it to cover. The last was adding red paint for accent colors.

Step 3: Weathering

It has been a while since I did any sort of painting so my skills are a little rusty. Weathering is a great way to hid any mistakes. The first thing I did was water down some of my brown paint and put is all over the surface of the gun. Then wipe it off with a paper towel. Do this until you are happy with the amount of dirt. Last is to take some silver paint and a chip brush and dry brush some scratches all over the gun.

I was able to do all of this on a Saturday so if you are looking for a quick easy project I recommend repainting a Nerf gun.