Introduction: Nerf Heavy Machine Gun(Barricade Modification)

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In this instructable I will be showing you a quick modification for 2 barricades. It is a deadly combo of 2 barricades and duct tape. It dominates close combat nerf battles with a super high fire rate(depends on how quick your fingers are) and with the combining of the 2 barricades gives a good range and high fire rate because you can fire them after eachother so you won't slow you're flywheels too much. I have tested it in a small 1 vs 1 battle and it did well. I did forgot to make pictures of the building proces but since it's not that complicated it won't be a problem.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Duct tape
  • 2 Nerf Barricades
  • scraps of pvc or other pipes
  • 1 nerf clip(the long ones, no drums. can be swapped for a simple piece of wood)
  • camera tri or bipod
  • scraps of cardboard/foam or any board like material(will be used for shaping)
  • ty raps


  • hands
  • dremel/drill (optional, only needed for tripod attachment)
  • hobby knife or scissors

Step 2: Build

The barricades upper surface isn't flat, so you need to space something between them.(on the stock side)

I used a 6 clip because it fits nice and can be used for a extra reload.

Also you need to add a bit of support on the other side, a bit of knex/legos or wood works fine. When you got those in place you put a bit of tape to hold them there. Then you need to add pieces of pvc on the bottom side and tape those securely to the gun. Then you tape the spacers secure. For the space between the guns on thebottom side you need to take a piece of foam, cardboard or wood and wrap it in tape, then secure it on the bottom to close the hole. Don't do this on the top side, there a door will fill the hole. Now you need to wrap the gun in ductape but don't block the revolving parts or jamdoors. For the upper side hole a door is needed to be able to reach the jam doors. I used a duct tape wrapped piece of cardboard and made a catch on the gun for it but there are lots of possibilities on how to make it. For extra support you can add ty raps around the stock connectors and the barrles, the tape over it.

Also you might want to fill the gap between the barrels the smae way as you did with the bottom hole.

You can make some straps for carrying attached to the barrel(not to stock side, the darts will fall out)

Step 3: Tripod

For the tripod you need to drill a hole in one of the pvc supports on the bottom. If you taped it properly it should be sturdy enough to support the gun on.

Step 4: Done!

Now go shoot your friends and dominate battles.

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