Introduction: Half Life 2 Crossbow Prop

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Hello everyone!

I'll be showing you how to make a half life 2 resistance crossbow prop, I think it looks awesome and much like the game one. It's made from scrap laying around and it took me a few hours to build with drying time not included.

Little note on the photos: This build didn't really have a planning, so on the way I made additions, and could have removed/replaced those, for example halfway through I found a better alternative for the arrow/bolt. Also since the rebels make it from scrap themself I guess no crossbow is the same so don't be bothered by personalifications on the prop

Anyway, I hope you guys like it and leave a comment if you wish!

Step 1: Materials

Junk laying around, this step is just to make clear what I used. Mind that with these the final prop will be quite heavy, so anything lighter is better.

-Aluminium plate/ruler (could use just about anything for this)
-cable tubes (used for the bow part, You could use anything bendable for this)
-Wooden plank (for the base, guess wood is the best thing to use)
-black paint
-rust/copper paint (could also use brown, but copper looks nicer)
-some primer for the aluminium and plastic since the fancy copper paint wont cover very easy
-something to make the battery under the bow, doesn't need to be real, I used a race pack that was dead anyway.
-handle (salvaged mine from a foam gun)
-stock (can make this yourself, I used a nerf stock
-wire/paracord (for the bow, I couldn't find any proper cord so I just some wire, I might replace that later)
-zip ties
-Huge drill bit or metal rod (for the bolt)
-red paint/orange paint (I used red with a thin layer of copper paint mentioned previously)
-piece of pipe (for the scope, if you have anything else to use that's fine)

Step 2: The Main Body & Painting

I used some of the cable tubes and the aluminium to form the top of the base, then placed the wood beneath with a bit of tape around and some Bison Kit. Proceded to paint everything gray and made a little cube of cardboard to put the scope on. Then I used black paint for the bow part, the scope, the stock, and the cardboard cube, I also used copper/rust coloured Revell paint to give the midsection a good look. The handle is from a toy gun, I simly cut it off the toy gun, made sure the trigger was also still in one piece and assembled it to the main with zip ties and pvc glue.

Step 3: Accesories and Done!

I added a old racepack battery as prop battery and put some yellow wrapping on it (like the real thing)

You can maybe paste some lambda signs on the bow and stuff to make it more resistance and you're ready to fight the combine!

leave a comment if you wish and have fun!

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