Introduction: Nerf Party Favors / Dog Tags

My wife wanted some easy cheap party favors for our kid's NERF party. I thought that some NERF dog tags would be fun.

This project required:

  • 1/4 inch Acrylic. I was luck that a near by plastic shop gave me some cut off scraps for free.
  • Neon colored cord from the craft store
  • Scissors
  • Grill lighter
  • Laser cut files

Step 1: Cut the Tags

I loaded the various acrylic scraps in the laser cutter at my local Maker space and cut out the shapes. You can etch these with whatever you like. I used the NERF logo. I've included the shape for the tag, but did not include the NERF logo in my files.

Step 2: Tie on a Cord

I used a variety of colors of cord and cut each one about 30 inches long. I slid it through the hole and tied a not, making the cord into a necklace. After tying the cord I cut the ends off. Using a small torch, I burned the tips of the cord to keep it from fraying.

Step 3: Final Product

I ended up with a mix of colored tags and various cords.

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