Introduction: Nespresso Planter- What Else?

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This uses a Nespresso pod as a planter- #upcycle

Step 1: Get a Used Nespresso Pod

It will have a waffle pattern cut into it if it is used.

Step 2: Cut the Top and Clean It Out

I used a sharp knife to cut away at the foil, then i rinsed it out, only rinse it because these grounds make a mess, don't try to scoop it out. I went around the edge where the foil was connected to the cup with my knife to clean it up a bit, then one final rinse, I was good.

Step 3: Flatten the Bottom

I will barely stand if you leave it like this, but if apply pressure to the top of the cup the bottom will flatten leaving you with a very flat bottom.

Step 4: Add Dirt!

I filled it with dirt and some grass seed and it grew, there are holes in the bottom of pod for natural drainage.

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